El Imaanhi AO El Imaanhi AO
El Imaanhi AO

(El Shamaan AO x El Khidyaraah AO)

Filly, chestnut, 2009
Breeder: Arabian Obsession
Owner: RIP 2009
Sire line: El Shamaan AO
Dam line: El Khidyaraah AO

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El Shamaan AO Shasoun DE Maysoun
Bint Shaklana DE
'A' Emaan Kamsin Rodan
TZG Westona
El Khidyaraah AO Om El Extreem US Sanadik El Shaklan
Om El Bint Shaina
Nesj El Kyara Khidar

Totaly unexpected, we lost our beloved Imaanhi.

She was a 'once in a lifetime filly' with a lovely character, she was everything we ever wished for. Rest in peace little girl.

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